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Go beyond the pledge and get your hands a little dirty.

Making sure Chameleon performs well across all Android Tablets can be a challenge, but it is one of our primary goals. So we are taking some steps to help us make the Chameleon experience as close as possible across all Android Tablets.

The Chameleon Labs page will be an area that we post tools to help us collect valuable data, as well as broadly testing specific things we feel could be a concern. We will also post some of the data that we find to keep you all informed.

In order to make Chameleon the best it can be we are hoping that you will help us as we build out and finalize Chameleon. The best way to do that is to pay attention to this page, as well as our Twitter feed, and help us by running whatever wacky test we come up with on your devices.

Tablet Hardware Spec Results

Below are the results from the Hardware Spec Grab APK. We will be using this data to guide our design and development decisions as we build out and finalize Chameleon. These stats are updated around every 20 minutes based on new entries.

If you wish to contribute, the app is still available below.

  • Model Name
  • Manufacturer
  • Display Resolution
  • Processor
  • Number of CPUs
  • Memory
  • Android Version
  • Country
  • Language

Chameleon Hardware Spec Grab

In order for us to get a complete picture of the tablet landscape that we are targeting, we are looking for your help. We have created a simple app that gathers the specs of your Android Tablet, and the version of Android itself.

This information is then sent to our servers so that we can analyze it. Below is a list of the information we will be gathering.

  • - Model Name
  • - Manufacturer
  • - Display Resolution (and orientation)
  • - Tablet ID
  • - Build ID
  • - Processor
  • - Number of CPUs
  • - BogoMips
  • - Memory
  • - Android Version
  • - SDK Version
  • - Country
  • - Language

This is all anonymous and we are not taking any personal information from your device.

To get the APK just go to this page on your tablet and hit the 'Get the .APK' button. Once downloaded to your tablet, go to your download list, or downloads folder to install it. You can also download it to your computer and install it separately.

Once installed, launch the app 'TabletInfo'. Upon agreeing to let us collect your tablets hardware specs, the app will quickly collect the information listed above. It will show that it has completed once it has successfully sent us your tablet specs to our server.

The TabletInfo.apk requires Android 3.1 and up. If you get an error from your download manager that it can't open the file, you will have to use a file browser to go to the downloads folder. From there you will be able to install it from there.

If for some reason you are not able to run the app, please contact us.

Note: If you don't have Android set to allow applications to be installed from 'Unknown sources', you will have to enable this. In ICS, you have to go to Settings then Security and enable 'Unknown sources'. In other versions of Android, this is located in Settings under Apps.